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MSC debuts carbon neutral offering – – Splash 247

By Staff , in Carbon Neutrality , at June 16, 2020

MSC, the world’s second largest contanerline, has teamed with a carbon credit specialist to offer clients a new carbon neutral offering.

South Pole, headquartered in Switzerland like MSC, has helped create the MSC Carbon Neutral Programme, which supports projects that deliver measurable benefits aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“The MSC Carbon Neutral Programme enables you to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral supply chain, taking responsibility for your cargo’s environmental impact and compensating through an offsetting programme,” the containerline explained in a release.

The emission reduction projects help fight climate change and bring wider sustainable development in local communities, such as poverty reduction, health improvements and access to clean water.

MSC’s team of experts help calculate the emissions generated by the volume of cargo moved then clients can select one of the projects, part of the MSC Carbon Neutral Programme, to compensate the unavoidable emissions of the marine and inland transportation of their goods.

South Pole will provide a Verified Carbon Units Certificate of Retirement delivered by VCS Registry and a climate action certificate attesting the amount of CO2 compensated by investing in this programme.