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Video: Claudio Caluori Takes a Run Down the World’s First Fully Electric Built Trail –

By Staff , in Hydropower , at June 27, 2020

Words – Velosolutions

Velosolutions joins forces with Flims Laax Falera to build Nagens. The visionary mindset, the overwhelming natural beauty, the endless mountain bike trails and an initiative called Greenstyle were the reasons for Velosolutions to move to the Swiss holiday destination in 2018.

Two years later, Velosolutions is able to announce a big milestone on its way to the goal of becoming a fully electric construction company:

Nagens – the world’s first mountain bike trail that is built with 100% electric machinery, all charged with renewable energy.

What this means:

• No combustion engines are allowed on the mountain.
• Electric excavators and compactors, electric dumpers and chainsaws.
• All transport of the crew, including visits of the authorities, photo-graphers, officials, supervisors etc. is done by e-cars or e-bikes.
• All batteries are charged with sustainably produced electricity from hydro or solar power.