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Taxpayers ‘taken for a ride’ with subsidised Chinese-made wind farms – Sky News Australia

By Staff , in Wind Power , at July 3, 2020

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says Australians are “being taken for a ride” by environmental activists who argue wind towers will change the temperature of the globe. He said it is important to remember each wind turbine costs the taxpayer $660,000 per year, per tower, due to the government subsidy scheme for renewable energy developments. It comes as a $600 million, 77-turbine wind farm is being proposed for a 20-kilometre-wide region just outside of Tamworth. Someone ultimately has to pay for wind farms and that person is the taxpayer, he told Sky News host Peta Credlin. Mr Joyce pointed out the materials used to create a wind turbine are imported from countries like China who are using coal powered fire stations to make the power for their people cheaper. “Who is the fool in all this? We are the fools,” he said.