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Taxpayers will stump up exorbitant price to foreign owned wind farm provider: Jones – Sky News Australia

By Staff , in Wind Power , at July 15, 2020

Sky News host Alan Jones says a proposal by the “eminently forgettable” Malcolm Turnbull could see a private foreign owned wind farm manufacturer take over rural land in Tasmania at the taxpayer’s expense. The proposal is to build 67 wind turbines, each 240 metres tall, across rural properties alongside the main transmission corridor between Hobart and Launceston. Mr Jones pointed out that not only is the area known as the “jewel in the crown” of the Central Highlands, it is also home to the Tasmanian wedged tail eagle, and the Tasmanian devil. A 2015 Parliamentary Select Committee on wind turbines found this program would impose an aggregate cost on the economy of between $30-$53 billion. It also said the program not only inflicts a direct cost onto electricity consumers, but it also undermines Australia’s comparative advantage as a low-cost electricity supply source. “The eminently forgettable Malcolm Turnbull had a grand idea that Tasmania could be the battery of the nation”. “Tasmania does not need the electricity, but they are asked to stump up a fair share of the cost. “In the end, you pay, most probably to a private foreign owned wind farm unit.” Image: News Corp Australia