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Wind farm: Timber chiefs fan forest fire fears – Fraser Coast Chronicle

By Staff , in Wind Power , at July 24, 2020

QUEENSLAND’S peak timber industry body has flagged forest fire fears should the planned Forest Wind Farm Project go ahead.

In a report to Queensland Parliament, Timber Queensland concerns about the risk associated with construction and operation of turbines in the Tuan Forest are noted.

“There are concerns around those activities on the plantation in that you may increase fire risk with machinery and all sorts of things,” the report reads

“Having better fire management capability from the proponent or an arrangement with

HQ Plantations for us is critical to be able to detect those fires early.”

A spokeswoman for Forest Wind told the Chronicle the company “recognises the importance of fire risk management and is committed to deliver its responsibilities under the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service Act”.

The spokeswoman said the latest fire mitigation technology had been incorporated into the project such as transformer isolation, arching avoidance design and fire proof materials.

“A detailed Fire Hazard Impact Assessment for Forest Wind has been undertaken, identifying potential hazards within the wind farm and the forest operation,” she said.

A spokeswoman for HQ Plantations said the Plantations’ fire management was primarily based on prevention, early wildfire detection and weighted suppression.

“We aim to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in fire management and will do so with Forest Wind Holdings as their project unfolds,” the HQ Plantation’s Spokeswoman said.