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The First Ultra-Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Tasmania – Hit 107

By Staff , in Hydropower , at August 20, 2020

Tasmania is a great place to own an electric car as the state runs mainly off hydro power.

However, the affordability of owning an electric vehicle is a major factor stopping most Tasmanians from buying one.

Another factor is the lack of infrastructure of charge stations available around the state.

The Chief Executive of Evie Networks, Chris Mills spoke about the new ultra-fast electric vehicle charge station they are deploying at Campbell Town.

“The chargers we are deploying here at Campbell Town are ultra-fast, they operate at 350 kilowatts, which will give 350km into your battery in ten minutes”

Australia currently has a small number of electric models available which generally sell at high prices.

Mr. Mills says that only four out of twenty available models are below the 60k price mark. 

“It is very much a chicken and egg scenario, who goes first? Do we bring the cars in first without the charges or do we build the charge stations without the cars?”

Evie Networks said that they will build the chargers on the belief that, with the infrastructure available, people will feel more confident buying electric cars.

Mr. Mills believes that the automotive manufacturers will then hopefully bring the cars to Australia, knowing that the infrastructure is available.

The ultra-fast charge station at Campbell Town helps contribute greatly to the infrastructure in Australia and Mr. Mills confirmed that the first month of use will be free.  

“We will offer free charging for the first month, but we are expecting the novelty to drop off after that” 

Campbell Town is the first of three sites that they will deploy the charge stations, with the plan to connect Hobart to Devonport via Launceston.

Kempton will be the second site that Evia Networks will deploy the new stations and the third site being Westbury.

Mr. Mills says this has been made possible thanks to the Tasmanian Government, who have been helping Evie Networks and other companies with the ‘Electric Vehicle Charge Smart Program’.

“A great initiative by the Tasmania Government.”