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Three new geothermal power plants push total capacity to 1576 MW in Turkey – ThinkGeoEnergy

By Staff , in Geothermal Power , at October 19, 2020

Geothermal power generation capacity in Turkey (MW) 1976-2020 (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)

Three new geothermal power plants received ministerial approval to start commercial operations pushing total geothermal power generation capacity in Turkey to 1,576 MW.

Turkey, in the evaluation of geothermal resources for electricity generation, continues to be the fastest growing country. With three new power plants commissioned in October, the total installed power has reached a total capacity of 1,576 MW.

The geothermal power plants approved by the Ministry are located within the city limits of Denizli, Canakkale and Izmir.

Investors state that if incentives and supports continue, they can reach an installed power of 4,000 MW.

Last month, the government, which accepted the Covid-19 outbreak as force majeure, shared with you the news that it extended the existing mechanism until June 30, 2021, which will be removed at the end of this year . Details of the new mechanism that will be implemented after this date have not been shared yet.

Source: JESDER via LinkedIn