Untitled document CATALYST FOR RENEWAL
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We are believers

who are attempting

to establish

a forum for conversation

within the Catholic Church

of Australia.

Our aim is to prompt

open exchanges

among the community

of believers,

mindful of the diversity

of expressions of faith

in contemporary Australia.

This springs explicitly

from the spirit of

Pope John XXIII

and Vatican II:

"Let there be unity

in what is necessary,

freedom in

what is unsettled,

and charity

in any case."

(Gaudium et Spes, n.92)

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Reflections on

the Readings

for this week's



 25th Sunday

in Ordinary Time

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These reflections

courtesy of

Br Julian McDonald



Tuesday September 30th

Bathurst SIP

"Do Refugees Have

a Future

in Australia?"

Aileen Crowe &

Tan Hoang

More information HERE


Wednesday October 1st

Paddington SIP

"SIP from the

Victor's Cup"

Paul Darveniza &

Amna K-Hassan

More information HERE


Tuesday October 7th

Central Coast SIP

Paul Simmons &

Jim Munday

More information HERE


Thursday November 20th

Goulburn Valley

Annual SIP/Catalyst

Dinner with

Bishop Vincent Long

Van Nguyen



Things to Read

Mariam Hassan's

Presentation at

the recent

SIP at the NOTT


Read it HERE


Peter Joseph's

Presentation at the

Catalyst Dinner of

October 2013

"Moral Courage

or More of the Same?"

Read the text HERE



Gerard Webster's address

at the final session of

Catalyst's series on the

Royal Commission: read

the full text of his address

titled "A Meditation on

Human Rights: Responding

to Sexual Abuse within the

Catholic Church'"

Sydney 24 November 2013



Geraldine Doogue's address

at the first session of

Catalyst's series on the

Royal Commission: read an

edited version of her

Catalyst for Renewal

address titled

'The church re-imagined'

(Sydney, 1 September 2013)


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