Untitled document CATALYST FOR RENEWAL
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We are believers

who are attempting

to establish

a forum for conversation

within the Catholic Church

of Australia.

Our aim is to prompt

open exchanges

among the community

of believers,

mindful of the diversity

of expressions of faith

in contemporary Australia.

This springs explicitly

from the spirit of

Pope John XXIII

and Vatican II:

"Let there be unity

in what is necessary,

freedom in

what is unsettled,

and charity

in any case."

(Gaudium et Spes, n.92)

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Reflections on

the Readings

for this week's






October 4th

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These reflections

courtesy of

Br Julian McDonald




Wednesday October 7th

Fitzroy SIP

Asylum Seekers,

Refugees &

Aborigines -

is there an

Intelligent, Compassionate

and Just Way Forward?

Frank Brennan

Details HERE


Wednesday October 7th

Paddington SIP


Julie McCrossin &

John MacNally

Details HERE


Saturday October 10th

Hunters Hill

Reflection Morning

The Seasons of

Our Lives

Leone Pallisier

Details HERE


Friday October 23rd

Catalyst Dinner

"Why Pope Francis

in not an



Fr Frank Brennan

Details HERE


Sunday October 25th

Q and A in the Crypt

Voices of

the Unheard:

Caring for

Our Common Home

George Browning &

Anne Lanyon


Sunday November 1st

Q and A in the Crypt

Voices of

the Unheard:

Ethics of

Wealth Distribution

Danielle Wood &

Lindley Edwards


Tuesday November 10th

Central Coast SIP

Doubts, Growth &

My Spiritual Journey

Donna Jacobs-Sife

Details HERE



Mary McAleese

in Sydney

On Sunday afternoon of

September 7 2014 the

former President of Ireland,

Mary McAleese,

was the guest of

Aquinas Academy

and Catalyst for Renewal

for the Rosemary Goldie

Memorial Lecture in the

Sydney Town Hall.

It was a memorable occasion!

Radio National's Andrew West

interviewed Mary and the

highlights were replayed

on Andrew's Religion and

Ethics Report.

If you would like to hear

those highlights,



Things to Read

Mariam Hassan's

Presentation at

the recent

SIP at the NOTT


Read it HERE


Peter Joseph's

Presentation at the

Catalyst Dinner of

October 2013

"Moral Courage

or More of the Same?"

Read the text HERE



Gerard Webster's address

at the final session of

Catalyst's series on the

Royal Commission: read

the full text of his address

titled "A Meditation on

Human Rights: Responding

to Sexual Abuse within the

Catholic Church'"

Sydney 24 November 2013



Geraldine Doogue's address

at the first session of

Catalyst's series on the

Royal Commission: read an

edited version of her

Catalyst for Renewal

address titled

'The church re-imagined'

(Sydney, 1 September 2013)


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