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Drilling started for geothermal heating project in Malmö, Sweden – ThinkGeoEnergy

By Staff , in Geothermal Power , at June 22, 2020

Drilling rig on site in Malmö, Sweden (source: video screenshot, Driftklart Syd, AB/ LinkedIn)

Partners to the geothermal district heating project by E.On in Malmö, Sweden have reported that drilling has started.

In March of this year we reported on plans by E.On to develop a geothermal heating project in the Swedish city of Malmö across the bay from Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Things are going fast and it is now reported that drilling has already started with several pictures shared by several people and companies involved on the different social media platforms.

E.ON plans to build a geothermal deep-heat plant in Malmö, with wells will be drilled five to seven kilometers deep into the ground. The expected maximum temperature of 160 degrees Celsius will be sufficient to feed the heat directly into Malmö’s district heating network. The pilot project is one of Europe’s first geothermal power plants to extract geothermal energy from depths of several kilometers on an industrial scale.

We will share more details if we get them.