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Graph of the Day: Australia’s best performing solar farms in August – RenewEconomy

By Staff , in Solar Power , at September 8, 2020

The latest data on the best performing solar farm in Australia over the last month has thrown up a surprise winner – a Queensland project that suffered heavy delays at the start and which is owned by Adani, the coal giant behind the most controversial .

The 65MW Rugby Run project emerges as the strongest performer in the latest analysis by Rystad Energy, with a capacity factor in the month of August of nearly 30 per cent – an OK result for a winter month.

The fact that it was winter meant that solar farms in Queensland were the best performing of all the solar farms, filling in nine of the top ten spots. Only the 57MW Moree solar farm interrupted the dominance of the Maroons (Queenslanders).

Rugby Run came online in 2019 after an initial six month delay, and is one of a number of Australian solar projects planned by Adani, although the only one to see the day.

The graph from Rystad Energy show several poorly performing solar farm, including Sun metals, which has been hampered by equipment problems and grid contraints, and others such as Limondale and Darlington which are yet to advance far through the grid commissioning process.