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Local council positive on proposed new geothermal power project in Tuscany – ThinkGeoEnergy

By Staff , in Geothermal Power , at September 9, 2020

Geothermal plant at Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina, Tuscany/Italy (Gabriele Delhey, commons/ wikimedia)

Developer Magma Energy Italia has received a positive judgement on its planned 10 MW geothermal power project near Montecastelli Pisano in Tuscany, Italy.

With a resolution in August 2020, the regional council expressed a positive judgment of the environmental compatibility for a planned geothermal power project near the village of Montecastelli Pisano in Tuscany, Italy.

The planned construction of the Qualtra geothermal power plant has a planned net power generation capacity of 10 MW and is a development project by Magma Energy Italia srl.

Magma Energy Italia is a joint venture by Grazielle Green Power (55%) and Canadian Alterra Power Corp. (45%, now owned by Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.). The company has two geothermal research permits in Mensano and Roccastrada, and the ongoing application for the pilot project at Castelunovo di Val di Cecina, about 15 km away from the village of Montecastelli Pisano.

The project has seen some local opposition with a feat on the impact on archeological features, fine arts and the landscape in the region.

The plant is planned to extract fluids and re-inject after usage without an emission. The planned well field will be consisting of six wells drilled from a single location, of which four wells are planned for production of geothermal fluids up to a depth of about 3,500 meters and two wells for re-injection of the extracted fluids. The project also includes the construction of an electrical substation.

Source: La Nazione/ Pontedera